An Efficient SMT-based Bounded Model Checker


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ESBMC is an open-source, permissively licensed, context-bounded model checker based on satisfiability modulo theories for verifying single- and multi-threaded C/C++ programs. It does not require the user to annotate the programs with pre- or postconditions, but allows the user to state additional properties using assert-statements, that are then checked as well. Furthermore, ESBMC provides two approaches (lazy and schedule recording) to model check multi-threaded programs. It converts the verification conditions using different background theories and passes them directly to an SMT solver.

ESBMC is a joint project with the Federal University of Amazonas, University of Bristol, University of Manchester, University of Stellenbosch, and University of Southampton.


09/02/2024: ESBMC v7.5 for Windows and Linux platforms.

06/02/2024: Our paper ESBMC v7.4: Harnessing the Power of Intervals (Competition Contribution) has been accepted at TACAS 2024.

15/12/2023: ESBMC has successfully participated at the 13th Intl. Competition on Software Verification held at TACAS 2024 in Luxembourg. We are in fourth place among 30 state-of-the-art software verifiers at SV-COMP 2024!

29/10/2023: ESBMC v7.4 for Windows and Linux platforms.


You can download the latest ESBMC version from GitHub

Conference Releases

NEW! We provide all tools, scripts, benchmark dataset, and results of our experimental evaluation reported in our STRV 2021 paper here.

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ESBMC is hosted on GitHub.

You should also read the ESBMC license.

Technical Support

Please use the ESBMC issue tracker for bug reports. For questions, comments or information on new releases, please use our Google group.